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Welcome at the website of Archytas. The new ambitious company that operates on the edge of information technology and electrical engineering.

professional solutions

Archytas targets the development of web applications in the broadest view, with a focus on internet steered or internet controlled electronics.
Simultaneously, it is possible to develop professional web sites. A professional website will contain a content management system to manage the database backend contents, and the formatting of the frontend, (ie, the pages with content). The websites can contain dynamic contents, scripting, flash, etc.... We keep an eye on design and usability.

Archytas is a knowledge based company. The expansion of our knowledge about electrical engineering and information technology is the most important thing for us. We strive towards bringing our achieved knowledge into practice and expand it with newly obtained knowledge. For our employees, Archytas is primarily an investment in themselves.

Archytas is inspired by the work of the ancient greek mathematician, Archytas of Taras (Tarentum). Archytas was a pythagorian statesman and philosopher, a friend of Plato. He is known as the founder of the Pythagorean mathematics. He learned the doubling of a cube. He devised a lot of inventions, like: the construction of automata (e.g. a wooden pigeon that could fly) and an algebraic view of mechanics.

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